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I'm so bad at maintaining relationships... No, I'm not talking about romantic relationship. I'm talking about friendships.

Yesterday, I called one of my long time best friend. We haven't spoken for a while. I like to email, but she likes to text. So when I email, she didn't reply, when she texts, I rarely reply. After a while, I have no desire to write her emails. Same goes for her, she has no desire to text me.

Phone calls are rare. If we do talk on the phone we talk more about another person, who is also our best friend. We were like a group of friends that used to do three-way emails.

So about the phone conversation I mentioned earlier. After a few small talks, we were both at lost for words... I was feeling very awkward, I don't know if she did too but she ended the phone call by saying that she didn't want to interrupt my dinner. (I was in a restaurant for a family gathering, but I was still waiting for other people to come.)

I was reflecting on this little happening in my life this morning and I realize, how I have lost contact with many of my friends, just because we aren't walking in the same path anymore. The separation was mostly a sentimental one. We were saying we'll miss each other and that we'll keep in touch. Then for a while we did keep in touch. Made a few visits. Then reduced to phone calls. Then reduced to just emails. Then... like the story above. Nggak nyambung... (lit: not connected, bad chemistry, etc.)

So, how can people still connect with so many acquaintaces? Do you have a how-to-keep-a-friendship-going kind of article?

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I have no regrets! (Or may I say, I should have no regrets...)

Hello friends in the US,

so, what does change feel like? Everyone must be full of anticipation over there. Heh... what am I talking about, everyone IS full of anticipation all aroudn the world!

Our local newspaper here put huge Obama picture on the front page. His profile was broadcasted on TV. People talked and still talks about him. I even heard a rumour about a house that he lived in when he was a child in Menteng, Jakarta, that someone offered to buy the house for 150 million rupiah (a really big sum of money in our country) but was rejected.

Okay, enough about the new US president-elect. I was going to talk about change. Deciding to have change for me means going towards the unknown. A really frightening journey. Good change, or we-think-it-is-good change holds great expectation. We start thinking what awesome things we're going to get with the change.

But what if the outcome isn't as good as we'd like it to be? Dissapointment, frustration, and all things that sometimes can make us dwell in the past. We'll start thinking, 'I wish I can go back through time.' Making us unable to enjoy the moment, be it good or bad. And when we've realized that we've drowned in self pity for too long, we have missed so much.

So from now on, the phrase 'I have no regrets' should be our slogan. People make mistakes. From those mistakes, we learn something, unfortunately the hard way. But still, we learn something. The way I see it, change is a good thing. When the change gives positive outcome, good for us. On the contrary, when it gives negative outcomes, be strong to take responsibility for the decisions we've made.

A post written when a nostalgic feeling came up while flipping through pictures of the US.
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On Monday, I had to get to a course I'm taking in my church right after work. That day I didn't drive because mom took the car. The other one was in repair. It was raining hard and so the traffic wasn't smooth at all.

I called mom to make sure she got home already. If that was the case, I was going to head back home first and clean up. Turned out she was also at church, having arisan. Since my route back from the office passed the road close to church, I usually walk to church if time doesn't permit me to go home first. But that day was raining. Wetness wasn't an encouragement to walk even a short distance. So mom said to get off the bus and wait for her under the bus shelter and she would pick me up.

So I wait. A few minutes passed... In my opinion, I have waited too long and I started to get into a bad mood. Finally mom showed up and I got into the car where a box of nasi campur, or rice mixed with meat, was waiting for me. That get my mood into a slightly better turn but not much since the box doesn't contain a spoon or anything for me to start eating!

After a long fight to get through the chaotic traffic, I got off the car with my box of rice with 15 minutes to spare before my course started. I borrowed spoon from the church worker and found a table to eat my dinner. When I sat down, a friend of my mom who was the course committee said to me, "Your mom loves you so much!"

And THAT made me realize how I often took lots of thing for granted. Including having a loving and caring mother....

Mami, thank you ya buat nasi campurnya. I love you!

And also, thank you God for the reminder that You have given me a wonderful mother.

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Wake Up!

Get an alarm clock and turn off your cellphone at night! Turns out having a cell phone next to your bed can downgrade our sleeping quality!!

A study conducted at MIT showed that:

exposure to electromagnetic radiation resulted in disturbed sleep patterns, potentially affecting your body's ability to recover from a day of stress. This news is an eye-opening finding for gadget fans who have trouble nodding off at night, especially those who use the alarm clock function on their phones.

I was planning to get a real alarm clock anyway. But this will definitely remind me to get one SOON.

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In an attempt to leading a healthy lifestyle, I was determined to take the stairs instead of the elevator in the morning when I get to my office. I thought this was a good idea since I usually arrived an hour before the work hour started so nobody would see me look miserable after climbing the stairs.

So today I was going to start. I thought maybe 5 floors would be fine for day 1. I couldn't find the stairway entry on the 1st floor, so I took the elevator to the third floor and took the emergency stairway from there. Before closing the door, I checked if I can get out. Everything was fine, I let go of the door handle, and start climbing upstairs. When I got to the 8th floor, I thought, "only two more floors, I can do it!" But on the 9th, I decided I'll stop for today. Turned out, the door was locked!

I remember my friends opening the emergency exit door in front of my office one day so I thought 10th floor wouldn't be locked. So I forced myself up one more floor. No luck! I felt so miserable, and scared too. What if those doors were locked from the inside... Who should I call? I don't know the building maintenance number. My office mate wouldn't arrive any minute soon. I started climbing down the stairs and trying the door one by one. Thank God, door on the 4th floor could be opened.

Now I'm having a weak knee.... Boy, being healthy is full of challenges!!
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How much sleep do you really need?

According to Time,
Studies show that people who sleep between 6.5 hours and 7.5 hours a night, as they report, live the longest. And people who sleep 8 hours or more, or less than 6.5 hours, they don't live quite as long.
Oh no, I slept too much...
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Tiring Monday

I was locked out of my own house when my mom, dad, and sister were busy enjoying their night, INSIDE!! Oh, how that angered me so much last night, I couldn't hold my tears in. The thing is, I got my gate's key, but not the house door key. So I must look like an idiot, waiting between my house's gate and door, watched by a bunch of men, working on building a house across mine....

But I'm all calm this morning. Maybe it's God's work.
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I'm on my lunch break which will last for another half an hour. Then I'll be off to my work again, correcting some proposals, mostly on the grammatical errors. 

I want to go home!!!
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It happened again today... I was called many different names by one of my colleagues. He is much older than me but not that elderly. He is certainly younger than my dad. He already created about 3 or 4 names for me and he keeps changing it. And all of it had no similarity with my actual name except for one.

Anyway, I now attached my name on my cubicle. It was a sign I once made for my apartment door. Since I am now back in my parents' house, I don't need it anymore. Might as well use it for something useful.
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